In Chicago, a city famed for its culinary prowess, avocado toast has made an unexpectedly endearing entry. Amongst the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, where deep-dish pizzas reign supreme, this straightforward combination of creamy avocado on toast has become a quiet sensation. It's no culinary marvel, but in its simplicity lies its charm. In this guide, we'll whisk you through the best spots in the Windy City to find this beloved dish, from cozy neighborhood cafés to trendy downtown eateries. Each location brings its own unique flair to avocado toast, whether it's through locally-sourced ingredients, artisanal bread, or creative toppings that turn a simple snack into a memorable meal. Join us as we discover the surprising variety and creativity behind Chicago's best avocado toast offerings.


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Cupitol Coffee & Eatery

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Egg Harbor Cafe

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Goddess and the Baker

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Kanela Breakfast Club

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Little Branch Cafe

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LYFE Kitchen

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Oromo Cafe Bucktown

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Slightly Toasted

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Wheat's End Cafe & Bakery

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