Hey there, fellow elote lover! Ever found yourself wandering the streets of Chicago, daydreaming about that perfect, savory bite of Mexican street corn? You're not alone. From traditional slathers of creamy goodness to innovative twists that'll surprise your taste buds, Chicago's culinary scene is bursting with options. In this guide, we've handpicked the city's best spots to dive into that elote experience. Ready to uncover the best elote Chicago has to offer? Your ultimate elote adventure in Chicago starts here!

Antique Taco

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D'Fruta La Vida

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Estrella Negra

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L' Patron

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La Mejikana

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La Michoacana Premium

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Lonesome Rose

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Salsa Picante

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Tacos Tequilas

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Velvet Taco

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Did we miss any Chicago elote favorites?