Embarking on a quest for Chicago's best mashed potatoes? Brace yourself for a fluffy, buttery journey that's about to redefine your spud standards. Picture this: a city teeming with culinary wizards who take the humble potato and whip it into a dish so creamy, so dreamy, it could almost float right off your plate. We're not just talking about a side dish here; we're on the prowl for mashed potatoes that steal the spotlight, making everything else on the menu jealous. From the hidden gems where the mash is the main event to the bustling eateries where it's served with a side of flair, we've mashed our way through the city to bring you the scoop on where to find the creamiest, dreamiest mashed potatoes. So grab your spoon (or fork, we're not judging) and join us as we embark on a tuber-tastic adventure, searching for that perfect scoop of buttery bliss that'll have you plotting your next visit before you've even left the table.

Black Barrel Tavern

Crosby's Kitchen

Elephant & Castle

Mable's Table

Michael Jordan's Steak House

Nick's Pit Stop


Did we miss any Chicago mashed potato favorites?